Data is more than bits and bytes,... 

... data is more than a database,
... data is more than a program,
... data is more than an AI tool. 

Data only develops its value when it is automatically updated, reproducibly evaluated and reliably made available to users. A bridge must always be built between data acquisition, data preparation, data processing and data presentation.

I have been working in this environment for over 25 years and would be happy to offer you help with planning, implementation and operation.


My work as an external consultant is based on your objectives.

I take on tasks independently and adapt the results to your target image.

I work closely with my colleagues and pass on my knowledge and experiences.

I formulate suggestions transparently and put them up for discussion.


I look back on over thirty years of professional experience. During this time I was able to help in many environments: Internet startup, industrial group, public service, research, training, medium-sized businesses, non-profit association, financial sector and service companies. The scope and duration of my support varied between a few hours per week and full time, between several months and many years.

In the projects section, I tried to represent part of this very broad spectrum and describe the typical tools and processes. This should give you an idea of ​​the experiences I can build on.

I continue to educate myself and hope to add more experiences to my resume over the next twenty years.

As an external employee, I am very flexible and focus on the needs of my customers. I prefer remote work because it reduces the amount of less productive travel time. While the value of a face-to-face meeting cannot be overstated, the time should be used effectively.