Solutions from the major cloud providers can seemingly do everything effortlessly for your own IT team. Nevertheless, it sometimes makes sense to mirror the central components on your own private cloud infrastructure.

These internal private cloud installations are particularly important if “vendor lock-in” is to be avoided and the software is to remain “multi-cloud capable”.

Note: I cannot help you with installing an Office365, Nextcloud solution or using other online services. These are also referred to as “clouds”, but clouds are also very diverse.

Private Clouds


There are various very good open source solutions for the virtualization of systems (Openstack), the operation of containers (Docker, Podman) or orchestration tools (Kubernetes). With each new version there are more features.

I bring with me a very solid knowledge of everything from network, I/O and memory to administration and installation. I would be happy to help set up a first demonstrator.


The more complex the software, the greater the risk that costs will rise uncontrollably. I therefore see continuous monitoring and cost control as essential.

However, not every change in consumption has to be an attack. Sometimes the systems are simply used.

Development and support

A new platform always requires user support. This can be done through documentation, examples, complete use cases, training or simply individual discussions.

Often there is a lack of “glue code” that connects the old world with the new, or legacy software that needs to be adapted to the new system. This integration is an exciting and interesting task for me.


I would be happy to support and advise you on setting up a private cloud environment.

I specifically help with installation, configuration, debugging, integration, programming, ... I think that's called "DevOps" these days :-)

Just ask me!