The big hit...

... or rather realistic, pragmatic steps that can be implemented alongside day-to-day business.

The huge potential of digitalization is advertised and touted everywhere. The typical projects are often expensive, delayed and drive those affected crazy.

Sometimes even small steps can actually improve a situation in everyday life.
For example:

  • Customer data is transmitted via a web interface or upload interface and is subjected to an initial plausibility check in this context.
  • Data is prepared, enriched and made available for internal processes in an organized manner.
  • Data from internal systems are connected to external supplier interfaces and transmission errors are minimized.

These are all realistic, pragmatic goals that offer concrete added value for everyone involved.

Digitalization as added value


All new processes must put people at the center. No process serves itself, but at the end of the day the new processes should increase the satisfaction of everyone involved.

Automation is not just about productivity and cost savings, but also about the benefits for everyone affected.


In regular operation, no software can function without support, monitoring and maintenance: new security gaps are constantly being discovered, the backup disrupts the nightly evaluation or people simply need a contact person who can tell them that they are doing everything right.

This is a major burden for internal IT and I would be happy to help you here.


Unfortunately, I have often experienced that a system has taken a long time to be specified, implemented and approved. The plan was good - but unfortunately it only survived contact with reality for a short time.

That's why it's important to plan developer capacity even after the project phase. Ideally, the project is followed by a step-by-step evolution of the solution.


I actively planned, developed and used many tools for server-based digitalization.

I continued to accompany these platforms long after the project ended and supported their operations.

I was able to work with many people and take their requirements, wishes and concerns into account when designing and developing the platform.

I would be happy to help you too!