This website

This website was rebuilt with Drupal 10. The existing content from the old instances was gradually ported to the new website.

The development was supported by the DXPR (Drupal for Marketers) extension. The proposed layout templates and the simple “Page Builder” accelerated the work massively.

Why Drupal?


Drupal has been under stable development for years and the quality of the code is increasing
better and better.

I have been using the software since around 2007 (Drupal 5).
for your own website as well as for various customers.


Especially if you operate several instances, the maintenance effort must not be excessive. On the other hand, you have to maintain control over the running version and not rely on any automation.

My experiences with Drupal have been consistently positive.


Especially if you've learned HTML, CSS and Javascript from a young age, you'll want to keep the little special features and improvements you've grown fond of.

Drupal allows you to incorporate your own ideas in various places without damaging operation or maintainability. That's a big plus!


Would I also help you with your web server?

If it involves web development, programming, technical support, advice on the development and operation of the website: YES

Just please: don't let me do any design, choose any images or make up any texts. :-)